Arctic workshop


System Analysis Thinking for Arctic Sustainability workshop 

10 .00 - 12.00,  Thursday 20  August 2020

Online event 

System level thinking is a way to understand how the different disciplines effect a system, life cycle assessment (LCA) is one of the tools used for system level thinking in order to assess the environmental impacts of a service or product to achieve its sustainability while ensuring the minimum impacts on the environment. LCA is internationally used in various fields for achieving the different sustainable development goals (SDGs).

In view of the increasing concerns about Arctic sustainability, the aim of this workshop is to introduce what is system analysis thinking, LCA and how it can be used in different research areas related to Arctic region. This will be done through a one day workshop where system analysis thinking and LCA will be introduced along with their different applications and possible areas of implementation related to Arctic.

Targeted audiences: postgraduate students, academics and interested stakeholders in Arctic region.

Online participation will be provided to ensure participation of interested persons who can not join in person.

The event is Free of Charge.

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Deadline for registration 17 August 2020

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